PHD Online



Products are always shipped at the addressee’s risk. However, the purchaser must always verify his/her parcel upon delivery and if he/she observes that a product is missing or if a parcel is open or damaged, he/she is expected to follow the procedure below.

Within a maximum of three business days following the reception of the parcel, the purchaser is expected to.
Keep the parcel (and the product) in its condition.
Formulate written reservations on the documentation presented by the delivery person
In addition to these reservations, confirm the anomaly via recorded delivery post with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to the Postal Service within the two business days following delivery (and send a copy of this to PHD Online).
Contact PHD Online’s customer service ( to inform them of the problem.
PHD Online will start an enquiry with the Postal Service in order to check the origin of the problem.
Only after the investigation has been completed will PHD Online be able to provide an exchange or replacement, whatever the case may be.

Delivery Errors

Within a maximum of three business days following the reception of the parcel, the purchaser is expected to notify PHD Online, via e-mail to customer service ( confirmed by recorded delivery letter, regarding all claims of delivery errors and/or non-compliant products, in nature or quality in comparison to what was ordered. All claims sent after this timeframe will be rejected without possibility of remedy and will free PHD Online of any accountability.

In the case of a delivery error or exchange, all products will have to be returned to PHD Online in perfect condition, in the original packaging and as a recorded delivery and guaranteed item to the address given by PHD Online. In all cases, the return is done at the purchaser’s risk.

Upon presentation of justifications and within the limits of reasonable costs for a recorded delivery item, PHD Online commits to reimburse the return fees paid by the purchaser, except in the case of non-compliance of the product returned with the claim made by the purchaser in his/her shipping order.

In the event that the procedure above is not followed, no claim for non-compliance or noticeable defects of products delivered will be accepted.